NEW NORMAL, 2015, HD-video 7:26min


The video titled New Normal combines forms and aesthetics of documentary film and a corporate video. The settings are located at paper mills of the Kymenlaakso region and in a fictional world of the New Normal, toned by the colors of bioenergy. The script is formed from a talk by Sasha Strauss at Google Think Branding, a blog text by the freelance journalist Mikko Niskasaari, an interview with a former employee of a paper mill, and a comment by the former Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb.

The title, New Normal, refers to a term used by Sasha Strauss, a Professor of Brand Strategy. According to Strauss, new normal is the era of digitalization and social media that we are currently living in. Many corporations are having great difficulties in adapting to the current situation in which the relations between consumers and corporations are radically changing. On the other hand, the situation has created lots of new opportunities and forms of business. Industrial sectors have also had their difficulties due to digitalization. In Finland, the paper and forest industry has suffered greatly during the last decades. The consequences have been fatal for many areas. ”Globalisation and changes in the production structure may pose sudden and major threats and problems to regional development. This is particularly true when a certain company makes major job reductions in an area, or closes down production units. The consequences and effects of abrupt structural change are evaluated in terms of the region’s employment, production and economic structure.” Ministry of Employment and the Economy